"Roch Guennanen", a magical and peaceful place.

Magical, because it is located on one of the most beautiful sites of Bréhat, an island where superlatives compete on the discovery of each new panorama

Peaceful, because the force of the landscape incites contemplation and serenity.

At the outset a wood cabin, then around 1950, a simple house, "Roch Guennanen" "bobs on the sea like an anchored boat". This long relationship has modelled it completely, the sea invades every window.

At high tide and a « 98 » tide coefficient "Roch Guennanen" turns into an island… Just the time for a dream, about thirty minutes!

Naturally, the house at your disposal matches the quality of the location: design, conviviality, serenity all blend together to make your stay a privileged moment, a communion with nature.

From "Roch Guennanen", on foot or by bicycle, you can easily discover the island, its pathways, its flowers …and its secrets.

Take your time, breathe, observe the sky and the sea…

You are in heaven on earth.